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To build women who believe in a supreme being into a sisterhood with purpose; who strive to serve, be an agent to positive change and support unity centered around love and strong faith.

St. John Grand Chapter, OES Vision

To be the example that makes the world a better place.

History of St. John Grand Chapter, OES

When was St. John Grand Chapter, OES organized?

Most Worshipful St. John Grand Chapter, OES was organized in 1966 and incorporated in 1969 while located at 735 E. Pershing Road. Previous locations were 38th and State, 36th and State and 30th and Indiana. Previous leadership was under Grand Master James Belton and Grand Matron Florence Brown. In 1967, we were blessed to call 7443 S. Ingleside became our permanent home.


Past Leadership

Under the leadership of Past Grand Master Ill. Spence Cook, 33° the following Grand Matrons served alongside of him:

     >  1966-1972: Sis. Mary Matchem

     >  1972-1982: Sis. Geneva Cook, wife of PGM Spence Cook

     >  1982-1992: Sis. Willie Esther Dunn

     >  1992-2004: Sis. Fannie M. Landers *she also served under PGM Ill Moses E. Terrell, 33°


Under the leaderships of late PGM Ill Moses E. Terrell, 33° and PGM Ill Willie A. Jinkins, 33° the following Grand Matron served alongside of them:

     >  2004-2014: Sis. Hilda G. Spencer, Grand Matron Emeritus (who is the daughter of the late Grand

         Matron Willie Esther Dunn)


Under the leadership of Grand Master Ill Anthony R. Pugh 33° the following Grand Matrons served alongside him:

     >  2014-2016: Sis. Mary Smith, PWM

     >  2016-2018: Sis. Debbie J. Henderson-Smith, PWM

Current Leadership

Under the leadership of Grand Master Ill Brian K. Williams, 33° elected in 2018-2020, GM Debbie J. Henderson-Smith, PWM was re-elected and she continues to serve us with love and compassion.


Name Change

In 2015, under the leadership of GM Ill Anthony R. Pugh, the name the Grand Chapter was changed from M.W. St. John Grand Chapter, OES to St. John Grand Chapter, OES. Under St. John Grand Chapter, OES we currently have 23 active chapters and approximately 400 members.


Our Purpose and Accomplishments

St. John Grand Chapter, OES has always promoted and supported children and young adults. In the spring of 1985, Sis. Ressie Harper, PWM organized our first Field of Morals under the name of Harper Field of Morals with the assistance of Sis. Dellean Houston, PM, Sis. Alice Scott, and Bro. Canada Jackson. Additional fields were subsequently organized for girls and boys ages 6-18 by the late PWM Deborah Waters, Sis. Debra Franklin, PWM Angela Carr, WM LaTanya Waters and currently WM Carolyn McNeil-Smith.

St. John Grand Chapter, OES has donated substantial amounts of money and labored hours of dedication to various charities throughout the years, which include: the annual children’s Christmas party, the American Red Cross, The American Cancer Society, Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, Winter coat drive, the Patricia Gurley Back to School Drive, Smith’s Residencies for Women Soldiers with PTSD, Maria’s House, and of course the Moses E. Terrell Scholarship banquet.


Additionally, St. John Grand Chapter, OES has sponsored and supported various activities that were created to enhance the fellowship of our members with one another. These activities have included the Bowling Team, St. John Grand Lodge and Grand Chapter choir, Josie Guy Nurses Guild, the Drill Team, the Honor Guard, Toastmasters International, the Community Outreach Committee, and St. John Grand Chapter Past Matron Council.


St. John Grand Chapter is known throughout our Supreme for our hospitality and creative members.

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